The unified trading desk

Buy display inventory for YOUR price, in real time

What is real time bidding?

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30+ supply sources
Intuitive interface
Extensive reports
One billion daily impressions
Dynamic CPM price
Dozens of targeting settings

What is a trading desk?

A trading desk is an easy to use all-in-one interface or platform, which allows you to purchase display advertisement such as banner advertisement and digital video advertisement on various advertisement exchanges and advertisement networks at the same time. Trading desks bundle all of this inventory into one large inventory supply platform, that has access to a vast array of smaller supply sources and hence allows a much larger reach than buying digital ads in smaller ad networks.

Those purchases or transactions are handled on a real time bidding (RTB), also called programmatic buying, basis. This means that you are not buying a package of advertisement impressions to a fixed CPM price, but that each bought impression is seen as an individual purchase.

The advantages of this system is that you have full price control and a highly increased possible reach. We are listening to the stream of around 50,000 different users per second, that are 4.3 billion possible impressions per day for your advertisement or online media campaign. Buying real time bidding inventory in that manner is the most affordable way to purchase online advertisement also, as you can limit the maximum price that you want to pay, but as well get impressions at a much lower price point.

Buying inventory from yunified

What differentiates us from our competitors and from choosing to work with an ad exchange or a supply side platform directly, is that we don’t charge you an enormous upfront fee as a deposit or setup fee, need an initial funding of $500, have to provide dozens of trade references or ask you for a ridiculous monthly commitment to get a seat. You can just create a free account right here and all you need to get started is funding your account with $25 directly through PayPal.

Even better: We are currently having a promotional offer to match your initial funding with 25% of the amount, up to $50. That means when you fund your account with $200, you will get $50 on top for free. This is a limited offer.

Another advantage that yunified offers, is that you can easily implemtent third party (3rd party), JavaScript (JS) or HTML and iframe tags into our system, without going through a long approval process with other tradings desks.